With an extensive range of nets, ropes and yarns in our product range we can fabricate just for you each type.
 Not just fishing makes use of the knowledge and capabilities of the CIV in the field of designing, making and repairing nets, increasingly other sectors rely on the knowledge and capabilities of our company is a CIV.Zo of the main suppliers / designers of research networks for the purpose of fishing and nature study.  There was also the nature Lelystad constructed an aviary for storks.  In this cage, which as much as 28 meters wide and 7 meters high, let it get used to the storks ‘free’ existence.  Furthermore, the CIV realizes every requirement, from covering fish ponds and sand and dumps to make sports nets.

 We specialize in:
 -Twin Or more rignetten
 We supply our customers with the South to the North Pole, but mainly in the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

 If you have questions about specific products or about our wide product range;  Please feel free to contact us or send an e-mail.
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